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'...but these drawings are the antidote: in spite of all modernisms

part of us still breaths Renaissance.'

- Erik @untitledxxi



Groupshow Hawerkamp Verein 

Münster, Germany 

March 27 - April 8 , 2021

Groupshow 055: Apeldoorn Art

Inzending voor de Van Reekum Cultuurprijs

December 13, 2020 - May 9 , 2021

Duo-exhibition with Wencke Vinks, Doesburg 

november 2020

Solo exhibition Galerie Loolaan, Apeldoorn 

october 2019


Duo-exhibition Galerie Loolaan, Apeldoorn 

april/may 2019

Group-exhibition Treeland Gallery 萃岛艺术 

Florence, Italy  

25 nov - 9 dec 2018

Groupshow Galerie Loolaan, Apeldoorn 

8 - 16 dec 2018

annual student exhibition

Russian Academy of Art, Florence 

 june 2018

Zomerexpositie ACEC, Apeldoorn 

14 july - 26 august 2018

Art Capital (Jeune Artiste invité) Grand Palais, Paris   

february 2018

groupshow Russian Academy Hong Kong,

China october 2017

groupshow Galerie Loolaan, Apeldoorn 

september 2017

annual student exhibition, Russian Art Academy, Florence 

june 2017



14 february 2018Catalogue Art Capital | (Jeune Artiste invité) Paris  

11 October 2018Interview | Apeldoorn Direct by David Levie

20 July 2018 | by Erik @untitledxxi  | instagram

Have you ever been in love? (I have, with S., E. and F. – not at the same time, fortunately.) And did you visit Tuscany then? (I did, with S. and F.) And did you drive around on a Vespa? (If I drive around on a Vespa, my love sitting behind, we end up in a Chianti ditch and spend the rest of our holiday in San Casciano’s hospital.) No, seriously: please do. Do, do, do. Fall, be in love in the Tuscan hills, it doesn’t get any better than that. It’s cliché, I know, - but there’s a reason for the obstinacy of clichés. Just try. These thoughts pass my mind while looking at Anouk Bijsterbosch’s drawings. She’s studying at the Florence Academy. Couple of days ago she was painting in the Florentine countryside, near the walls of Fiesole. (Read ‘A room with a view’, by E.M. Forster.) Btw don’t pass there on a Vespa: the hill is high and the ditches deep. Back to the drawings: after a busy day I come home, sit down, look at them. Meditate. It feels like coming home twice. I know, i know, we’ve had modernism, and then post(post)(post)modernism. And then even post services modernized, can you imagine? Postman Pat obliged to wear a helmet: that was the beginning of the end. (Drive with Postman Pat through the hills: no accidents will happen.) Moral values shifting, cynicism setting in like winter. Turmoil. But these drawings are the antidote: in spite of all modernisms part of us still breaths Renaissance. And we stand in awe of the mastery of course: once there was the child Anouk, drawing her first shaky line, and now… Look at her now. Harmony. Wonder. @anoukbijsterbosch /// In a week or two, dear readers, we’ll come up with some in depth interviews. Lazy talks about life, art and everything human. For the first one we visit London: Peter D’Alessandri. #untitledxxi #firenzeart #emforster #aroomwithaview #postmanpat #renaissanceart #artinterview #artcommunityofinstagram #artstories  #vespaworld #fiesole #renaissancedrawing


NOTEfrom 2019 works by me are represented in the official online gallery Saatchi Art. Here you can buy original works as well as high quality limited edition prints. Worldwide shipping via Saatchi.

Born in 1987, Warnsveld, NL



Anouk Bijsterbosch is a painter dedicated to the realistic tradition: figures, portraits and landscapes. She works with natural light, live model set-ups and en-plein-air. "I am greatly inspired by the masters of Impressionism and Realism, painters such as Sargent, Zorn, Israels, Repin, Serov, Levitan, Monet.” She studied Fine Art in Groningen (NL) and at the Florence Classical Arts Academy in Florence, Italy. Currently she is working in Holland as a professional artist. Her works are included in the collection of the Russian Academy's Fund and in private collections in Athens (Greece), Dubai (United Arab Emitates), Ghent (Belgium), Amsterdam (NL). In 2018 she participated in Art Capital in Le Grand Palais Paris, and her work will be on exhibitions in Florence and China.


Studied in workshops of Ivan Loginov, Sergey Chubirko.

Classical Academic Training, Florence Academy of Russian Art, Florence 

Teachers: Svetlana Terekhina, Svetlana Kurbatskaya, Sergey Chubirko, Oksana Arkhipova, Alexey Bakhtin, Nadia Molugova, Irina Ganina, Anna Nelyubina, Victoria Kharchenko

Erasmus exchange programma semester at Universidad Complutense Madrid, Facultad Bellas Artes

Autonome Beeldende Kunst (B.F.A.) Academie Minerva Groningen

Teachers: Matthijs Röling, Gouke Notebomer, Rikus van der Meer, Frank Lisser, Kinke Kooi, Ko Sliggers, Cor Groenenberg, Wim Bosch



Florence Classical Arts Academy Collection, Italy


Private collections: Athens (Greece), Dubai (United Arab Emitates), Ghent (Belgium), Amsterdam (NL)

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Foto: Mensje van Steen